This home is situated on a steep ridge overlooking the grounds of the historic Greenbrier Hotel. It lies close enough for room service but is discreetly hidden among the trees. For the street facade we attempted to simulate an Appalachian stone cottage perched on a hillside and approached by a stone footbridge. Although this is a sizable home most of the volume is concealed in the lower levels – thus maintaining the low-key frontal presence. Access is from the top of the ridge, so stone bridges were used to connect to the front entrance and garage – allowing us to preserve the hillside’s natural grade and the mature trees on site. The mass of the house is further reduced by separating the garage wing from the main building with a three-level breezeway connection that gently curves along the terrain. Interior rooms spread out from a central family gathering space – replete with lofts, balconies, and commanding views of the mountain scenery.